Membership benefits and services

As a member of the Finnish Medical Association, you are entitled to a number of valuable benefits and services. Joining the Association is worthwhile!

Membership application

Membership in the Finnish Medical Association (FMA) is voluntary, but practically all doctors practising in Finland are members of the Association. The Association has no official supervising duties as many medical chambers in other countries do. Instead, it focuses on representing the interests of doctors. In Finland, maintaining the medical register and controlling and supervising doctors are the tasks of Valvira, the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. 

You are welcome to join the FMA once you have been licensed by Valvira, i.e. been granted permission to practise the profession of a doctor in Finland either independently or under the direction and supervision of another doctor.

Applications for membership should be submitted using a membership application form. Please attach a copy of your licensing certificate obtained from Valvira and send the application to the FMA office.

New members are approved by the Board of the Association. Obtaining the decision may take one to two months depending on their meeting schedule. Further information on the activities of the Association and its membership benefits will be sent to you together with your letter of acceptance.

Membership application (pdf)

Membership fee

The Association's membership fees are graded based on the number of years since you obtained your licence in Finland. No fee is charged for the year you join. During the following years, the membership fee gradually increases.

The FMA membership fee can be deducted from taxation. The Association notifies the tax office of the membership fees paid, and the deduction is therefore calculated automatically.

Patient insurance

In Finland, employers are under an obligation to take out patient insurance that covers any medical injuries. Patient insurance is also mandatory for doctors running a private practice. The insurance is included in the FMA membership fee. 

The insurance is offered by the Association as a free membership benefit and also covers part-time work as a private practitioner. Compensation is only paid for personal injuries occurring in Finland in connection with medical care and health care. Thanks to the patient insurance system, medical injuries are rarely taken to court, and doctors do not have to cover them themselves.

The Association’s membership benefits also include liability insurance, which can be used to cover injury to the patient’s property, e.g. in a situation where a prosthesis is damaged during treatment.

Support for court costs

The FMA membership fee also includes legal expenses insurance covering legal and litigation expenses in certain matters relating to the profession of a doctor.

The use of legal expenses insurance must be agreed with the insurance company in advance. In these situations, you should first contact the FMA’s lawyers.

Advice from the Association's lawyers

The lawyers working at the FMA office have a thorough expertise in medical law.  They are well acquainted with both doctors’ and patients’ rights and with the legislation and regulations concerning Finnish health care.

FMA’s lawyers advise members on questions related to salaries and terms of employment. They also help in matters concerning doctors’ social security, pensions and taxation.

Contact our lawyers:

Insurance at reduced cost

The FMA has negotiated with the insurance company Pohjola Vakuutus reduced insurance premiums for its members, who can also benefit from more advantageous insurance terms concerning several voluntary forms of insurance. When taking out insurance, remember to state you are a member of the FMA.

Membership in the unemployment fund

You should join the unemployment fund yourself. Further information on the unemployment fund's website.

Finnish Medical Journal delivered to your home

The Finnish Medical Journal, published by the Association, is sent to members free of charge. This weekly journal is the most important channel for the dissemination of medical information in Finland. It helps you to develop your professional skills and provides information on the Finnish health care system and the activities of the FMA.

Article summaries in English are published digitally. The digital paper and the journal newsletter keep you up to date with the latest health care news. 

Online member services

The FMA website provides information on the activities of the Association and on doctors in Finland. As a member of the Association you are entitled to a permanent email address and Fimnet ID. The Fimnet ID also provides you with access to many services, which are available for members-only.

The Association’s online member services include the Fimnet services, designed specifically for doctors. They include access to medical databases.

The salaries service Palkkatohtori (The Salary Doctor) offers information on the average income and salary distribution of doctors in different fields and with a range of tasks.

Practicus is an online service intended for full- and part-time private practitioners and those planning to start up in private practice. 

Education at member prices

The Association organises the Finnish Medical Convention, the largest medical education event for doctors in Finland. Members are welcome to visit the Convention’s exhibition and plenary lectures free of charge. They can also benefit from reduced fees for courses. Lectures given by international experts are in English, while other lectures and events are mainly in Finnish.

As a member, you can aslo take part in education organised by the FMA.

The membership card

Together with the invoice for your membership fee, you will also receive a membership card proving that you are a doctor and a member of the FMA. You can order an electronic membership card to your mobile phone if your phone number is in the member database. You can check your personal information on Tietoni service (requires Fimnet ID).

Support for doctors' well-being at work

The FMA works to promote its members' well-being in a number of ways. The Association is concerned that many doctors do not seek help in matters relating to their own health. To improve the situation, the Association has started a network titled "Doctors for doctors". The experienced colleagues in the network give advice to doctors who, for some reason, find it difficult to use ordinary health care services.

As a result of the Association's initiatives, dedicated rehabilitation courses are currently available for doctors. They work to promote doctors' health and their ability to manage at work. 

Holiday services at member prices

Members of the FMA and their families can rent timeshare apartments at the best Finnish holiday centres at reduced cost. The apartments, rented for a week at a time, are spacious and of a high standard.

Details on the sites and instructions on how to apply are available in Finnish on member benefits pages.

The FMA is part of Akava, the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland. As an FMA member, you are therefore free to utilise Akava membership benefits. Information on Akava holiday benefits, such as cottages and reduced member prices with ferry companies and hotels, is available on

Member products online

Visiting cards and other member products can be conveniently ordered from the FMA website. The site also provides information on other up-to-date membership benefits and price reductions.

Research on doctors

The FMA constantly studies developments in the medical labour market as well as doctors' salaries and working hours.