For the patient's best with physician's skills

The Finnish Medical Association (FMA) is a professional organization of which almost all doctors practising in Finland are members. Values promoted by the Association include advancement of medical expertise, humanity, ethics, and collegiality. The Association binds its members together to support these values, and represents their common professional, social and economic interests. FMA was established in 1910.

The Association also works in numerous ways to develop health care and advance medical expertise, on the basis of the professional knowledge of its entire membership.The Association is active in relation to ethical issues and safeguarding of the interests of doctors and patients, in Finland and internationally.

 94 % of physicians living in Finland belong to the Finnish Medical Association. 

Finland has 20 970 physicians of working age

There were 28 565 physicians licensed in Finland in the beginning of 2016. The number of physicians of working age (under 65 years) living in Finland was 20 970.

Physicians 2016 (pdf)

The Annual Report of Chief Executive Officer

Our annual review is an important source of information for our members and the public alike and, over the years, for people interested in the history of the association. It is worth emphasizing the long-term nature of the association’s work. We rarely carry through single projects within a single operating year. This is even more challenging as part of societal decision-making, which the Finnish Medical Association influences via its activities. 

The Annual Report of Chief Executive Officer (pdf)